Top Real Estate Company In Dhaka, Bangladesh

A real estate company is a company that is primarily engaged in the business of developing, owning, selling, or leasing properties. However, this sector is still dominated by household brands in the real estate industry, with several agencies controlling most of the market share.

If you’re interested in purchasing a house for yourself, it’s time to do some research. To aid you, we’ve compiled a list of the eighteen top real estate organizations in Bangladesh which can enable you to meet your requirements.


Concord Real Estate Ltd

Concord Real Estate is one of the largest and top real estate companies in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The company is associated with multi-million dollars attractions such as the Fantasy Kingdom, the classic amusement park like Foy’s Lake, and Bangladesh’s first satellite town, Lake City. Concord Real Estate Ltd has dominated the property and assets sector for years. The organization is the most dependable company if you want to develop a piece of land for personal/commercial use. It has decades of experience, unwavering quality, excellent safety measurements, and engineering superiority.

Concord Real Estate does not rely primarily on completion dates; quality will always triumph over quantity. They are the first developer to set up automated batching plants to supply ready-mix concrete for construction back in 1990. Currently, Concord has four fully automated plants for concrete products, and a terrazzo tiles facility. They think that internal construction control is impossible until raw material quality is maintained. Not just plants but Concord has also earned the reputation of delivering projects on schedule. If you don’t like words, let the statistics speak for themselves.

Concord Real Estate has completed over 100 residential developments. Among these, there are several luxury apartments in Dhaka’s prime areas, like Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, Dhanmondi, Mohakhali, Uttara, Khilkhet, and others. Concord also has available commercial space in Dhaka and Chattogram as well. There are a number of upcoming and ongoing projects currently active. The majority of them, including residential and commercial, are in the national capital, while the remaining projects are in Chattogram.

Ongoing Projects: Currently, Concord is working on different residential and commercial projects. Most of the ongoing residential projects in Dhaka are in prime locations for living. Furthermore, the company is also constructing luxury residential buildings in Chattogram. Concord is also working on ongoing commercial projects in Dhaka that are located in the prime business hubs like Dhanmondi, Gulshan, etc. These spaces are built to provide efficiently designed floor plans, insulated double-glazed, low-e heat-resistant glazed glass, state-of-the-art fire-fighting systems, high-speed lifts, and much more.

Completed Projects: Concord’s completed projects are ones to look at because of their distinctive architecture and design. The developer ensures the highest quality construction, meticulous planning, and timely handover for these projects. These completed residential and commercial projects in Dhaka are some of the best developments in the country.


Navana Real Estate

The narrative of Navana Real Estate (NREL) might be a fascinating one to tell. It’s the story of one and a half decades of creativity, ingenuity, and unrivaled tenacity. NREL has been establishing its worth as a proud concern of the Navana Real Estate firm since its inception in 1996 by its Chairman Shafiul Islam. These days, Navana Real Estate corporation is the forerunner in multi-diversified commercial activities ranging from building to energy, manufacturing to mercantilism.

Navana Real Estate is presently one of the leading land businesses in the country and has been designated as a “Super Brand. With rigorous scientific and technological power and continual innovation, NREL is racing forward to fulfill the ever-increasing need and demand of the city’s potential patrons.

NREL has accomplished many projects across the national capital and metropolitan center cities during the previous twenty-two years. Around 100 new residents and businesses are now present in the national capital and metropolitan cities.


Eastern Housing Ltd

One of the oldest real estate developers in the country is Eastern Housing Ltd. Established in 1964, the company played a vital role in Dhaka’s development. During that time, Dhaka saw a rise in the housing sector, and under the vision of their leader, Jahurul Islam, Eastern Housing successfully completed a project of 700 houses in Mirpur’s Pallabi. Within a short period of time, the company gained popularity and trust for providing people with budget-friendly housing in Dhaka. Some of their notable projects are Eastern Pallabi, Eastern Eskaton, Eastern Plaza, Jahurul Islam City, and more.

With a mission to construct world-class modern residences, the company is currently involved in developing both residential and commercial projects inside and outside of Dhaka. Furthermore, the company also sells land with all the infrastructures such as electricity, sewerage, gas, water, etc.


Bashundhara Real Estate

In 1987, the Bashundhara Real estate business began operations as an actual estate venture known as “Bashundhara” under the Real estate company’s first concern – the East-West Property Development (Pvt) Ltd. This initiative was crowned with three crowns and contributed to the growth of trust and confidence among urban residents in “Bashundhara.” Dhaka’s growing population and the noticeably increasing rise of housing all contributed to Bashundhara’s historic achievement.

The Bashundhara Real Estate firm has around twenty significant considerations spread across the country. The multi-faceted shopping mall-cum-recreation center known as the Bashundhara Town (BCDL) has added glitz to the Real estate company’s expansion. The BCDL has taken another step forward in its long-term commitment to developing relationships with the final people by providing unique business operations and recreation facilities under one roof.


Building Technology and Ideas (BTI)

BTI is one of the prominent Real Estate companies in Bangladesh. BTI is a real estate firm with high standards, best known for its competence in the business and collaboration with the pioneers of the country’s real estate industry. Their devotion, years of experience, and the ongoing pursuit of quality have earned them a competitive place in the industry. They are focused on the trust and affection of our consumers, which has steadily matured over four decades.

Building Technology and Ideas Ltd is a well-known and highly regarded land corporation in the country, having developed, built, and delivered residential and commercial locations for about four decades. Their success in the real estate industry is built on a track record of accountability and client focus. 


ABC Real Estate

ABC Real Estate is devoted to offering quality services and pledges to customers to establish a long-term and reliable connection with them. ABC is committed to maintaining the highest competence, quality, and integrity in all business processes. ABC is dedicated to fostering kindness and justice among business companions. ABC Real Estate is devoted to being genuine and compassionate to ensure a comfortable and inclusive working environment for its employees.


Amin Mohammad Lands Development Ltd (AMLDL)

AMLDL has been in the asset management sector for over two decades. Amin Mohammad Lands Development Ltd. (AMLDL) is a subsidiary of Amin Mohammad Real Estate (AMG). Mr. M M Enamul Haque founded this Real estate firm in 1993 and then launched Amin Mohammad Foundation Limited (AMFL), a Dhaka-based asset development company. In 2000, Amin Mohammad Lands Development Ltd. (AMLDL) was created. In a very brief period, it has established itself as one of Bangladesh’s most prominent excellent land developer organizations.

Amin Mohammad Real Estate has successfully sold over 5000 residential and commercial plots to our loyal customers, and the figure is growing. We are expanding to be one of the most prominent home developers in Bangladesh, improving the living conditions of those who have placed their faith in us.


Rupayan Real Estate

Rupayan Real Estate was founded in 1989 and is one of Bangladesh’s most prominent real estate businesses. Their strengths are making innovative approaches and committing to the task by skilled employees. Rupayan Real Estate thinks that you should always follow the changes you perceive first. For that reason, Rupayan Real Estate uses the diversification approach in their firm. Their range of products includes Rupayan assets, Rupayan clothing, shipping, etc.

Their flagship company, Rupayan Assets Company, is still the market leader in Bangladesh in asset development and building. Rupayan Real Estate is one of the most reliable in the assets industry in Bangladesh.


Anwar Landmark

Customer satisfaction and specific requirements are of the highest significance to Anwar Landmark. This real estate firm employs sound business procedures in collaboration with the interior and the real estate departments. Their employees uphold business principles and discipline with their hearts, reflecting heavily on their service and loyalty to valued shoppers and customers. The presence of cooperation and unity among their human resources fosters a strong feeling of expertise and professional leadership, resulting in an extraordinarily qualified cross-functional team.


Bay Developments Ltd.

Bay Developments Ltd. is Dhaka’s one of the most prominent property company. The company intends to elevate the living type of urban people. They have been giving exceptional branch of style and living comfort to residential and commercial buildings. When it comes to aesthetic design, they put the most amount of work into each stage of the building process and designing, ensuring that all business best practices are followed.

With the explicit goal of delivering stylish residences to city inhabitants, Bay started their journey. They aim to build and provide houses with all of the most recent amenities in the industry. They provide better elegance, dependable building materials, and greater usefulness with a home for peace. The company tends to materialize the promise of delivering full-life knowledge to the customers through exquisite style, superior resources, and fantastic acquisition.


Shanta Holdings Ltd. (SHL)

Shanta Holdings Limited (SHL) is a real estate firm founded in 2005 to delight the way of life of city people by giving fashionable, meaningful, and attractive living and dealing locations that can only be compared to the world’s most reliable developers. With the notion that construction isn’t about creating buildings – but rather about associating Art, SHL pushes above the conventional scopes of property development to remain integrated with the best the world offers. Since then, SHL has emerged as the country’s most reputed and fastest-growing property developer.

A strong portfolio of the country’s most distinctive and selective developments, a firm name in the real estate market, and desirable relationships give our clients exclusive access to the ultimate luxury residences and beautiful industrial areas, all in prime locations in the nation’s capital. Shanta Holdings’ mission continues to establish a portfolio of luxury locations to provide investors and customers with an unrivaled level of service, unrivaled by rivals. A dedication drives success to reach very high quality and a concentration on detail.


The Structural Engineers Ltd.

The Structural Engineers Ltd. (SEL) is a private real Estate Firm established in 1983. The company started by completing different types of projects such as buildings, bridges, food godowns, hospitals, cyclone shelters, etc. The company joined the real estate industry in 1995, and ever since, they have established themselves as a qualified, dedicated and efficient developer. Currently, the company has a number of projects in Dhaka, Savar, Cumilla, Chittagong and Khulna. They focus on high-quality of construction and deliver it on time.

The firm is also associated with charity work with their ‘SEL Charitable Foundation, providing financial assistance to unprivileged students, awareness for environmental & social development and more.


Rangs Properties Real Estate

Rangs Properties is one of the best modern construction style firms in Bangladesh, incorporating innovation, practical style, avant-garde design, and slim design into its products. They strive for quality in their real estate endeavors, and client satisfaction is their first concern. The ambition is to be comparable in excellent property quality, luxury, and revolutionary living.

Their objective is to instill the highest honesty and the best styles into all their offerings, whether they be luxury residences, residential areas, condos, houses, or other properties.

Rangs Properties employs measures that are not just exceptional but also environmentally beneficial. Rangs Properties takes satisfaction in being affiliated with a happy, inventive, contemporary, and people-oriented organization that provides the simplest to all or any of its stakeholders.


Shelter Pvt Real Estate

Shelter is one of the most influential and prominent land organizations in Bangladesh as a genuine estate development firm. They specialize in creating luxurious accommodation complexes in key locations across town. The shelter has become a trusted name in Bangladesh’s land sector. Since its beginning, the business has maintained control over its valued visitors’ peace of mind and goodwill. The estate organization moves with the times and provides contemporary community residential apartments at a reasonable price. Their homes’ unique features ensure investors a safe and profitable investment by offering facilities and services that other firms do not supply.

Shelter Housing LTD is on Motijheel C/A, a unique unit for discerning municipal purchasers. The building provides personal magnetism and convenience in the strategic growth zone of Dhaka. Shelter Housing’s objective is to serve clients, large and small, with the same enthusiasm, honesty, and dedication to potency as possible while avoiding the exorbitant costs of these services. 



Housing or shelter is one of the most basic and fundamental human requirements. The need for human habitation has been enormous from time immemorial to the present. Not only is there a desire for magnificent houses, duplex houses, tiny flats, offices, and warehouses, but everyone’s ambition is to live a lovely life. Real Estate Company assists customers in meeting these needs. One such entity is a real estate company, which buys, sells, and leases any real property owned by individuals, such as land, buildings on the land, and so on.

In Bangladesh, the existing structure of real estate firms is growing by the day. The majority of them were established after Bangladesh’s independence. Bangladesh is growing increasingly reliant on real estate firms.



Which real estate company in Bangladesh has been operating for the longest time? 

Ans: Concord Real Estate is one of the oldest real estate companies in Bangladesh. They started their journey in 1973. 

How many real estate companies are operating in Bangladesh?

Ans: There are over 300 real estate companies in Bangladesh. 

How big is the real estate industry in Bangladesh?

Ans: According to a Bangladesh Bank report in 2019-20, the size of the real estate industry in Bangladesh is BDT 1,544 billion. 

Is the real estate business profitable in Bangladesh? 

Ans: Yes. The real estate industry is one of Bangladesh’s key economic drivers as it has a huge multiplier effect on the country’s overall microeconomic and macroeconomic activities. 

How can I become a real estate developer in Bangladesh?

Ans: To conduct real estate business in Bangladesh, you need to obtain a trade license from the government.


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