Dhaka: Is Dhanmondi A Better Place to Live Than Gulshan?

There’s a song by the famous Bangladeshi brand ‘Chirkut’ where they called Dhaka a magical city, a city full of life. This statement about Dhaka city is entirely correct because despite being criticized by many, every year, more and more people come to Dhaka in pursuit of their dreams and livelihood. It is to remind you that if you want to live in a standard and high-quality maintenance area, not every area is ideal. However, the area named ‘Dhanmondi’ in South City Corporation and another named ‘Gulshan’ in North City Corporation are two upper-class regions of this city. If you are looking for an apartment to settle down in Dhaka city, both Dhanmondi and Gulshan good choices. A great number of trustworthy real estate company in Bangladesh offer flats for sale in these areas.

Now, between ‘Dhanmondi’ and ‘Gulshan’ which one is a better place to live than the other? In this article, you will come to know about the pros and cons of these two areas that will help you to decide on the best place for you.

Lifestyle in Dhanmondi

Dhanmondi, a planned neighborhood of Dhaka city is one of the prime locations to live in. After the partition of Bengal in 1947, Dhaka was once again made the capital of then ‘East-Pakistan’. In 1949, a project to create a residential area in Dhanmondi was initiated. DIT (RAJUK from 1987) initially kept Dhanmondi plots solely residential, without allowing any plot or house to be used for commercial uses. However, in 1972, in response to enormous pressure on city land, the restriction was eased to the point that it was practically inapplicable. Accordingly, nearly half of the plots in the Dhanmondi Residential Area are currently used for non-residential purposes, such as shops and stores, government and semi-government offices, business showrooms and warehouses, non-governmental offices and clinics, and educational institutions, and even manufacturing units.

The social character of Dhanmondi has shifted dramatically over the ages. Indeed, Dhanmondi has evolved into a multi-purpose area, both socially and commercially. Non-residential parts of Dhanmondi are now larger and more prominent than owner-occupiers and resident renters in terms of social power. Still, many ongoing luxurious residential projects are also being built in this area. There was a concept in the past that only rich people live in Dhanmondi but that is not the case anymore. Many high-middle-class people have been living in Dhanmondi for quite a time. Now, let’s dig into the advantages and disadvantages of living in Dhanmondi.

Advantages of Living in Dhanmondi

There are many advantages of living in Dhanmondi. As it is in the central location of Dhaka, the transportation system of this region is top-notch. You can go anywhere in the city, and you’ll find suitable transport for your destination as this area is well-connected to the maximum areas of Dhaka city. Besides, everything you need to live a fulfilling and better life is present in Dhanmondi, such as hospitals, educational Institutes, various types of food, shopping Malls, parks, lakes, recreational sports, sports centers, etc.

There are a huge number of hospitals situated in Dhanmondi, and most of them provide 24/7 health services to a tremendous number of patients. Among them, Anwar Khan Modern Hospital, Bangladesh Eye Hospital, Ibn Cina Hospital, and Popular Diagnostic Centre are one of the oldest and most reputed hospitals in Bangladesh. People from all over Bangladesh visit these hospitals in order to get good treatment from specialists.

You can get all stages and all forms of education from primary to higher studies and Bangla to English medium studies in Dhanmondi. Government Laboratory High School and Dhanmondi Govt. Boys High School is quite a popular Bangla medium school in this area. However, Dhanmondi is mainly well known for its English medium schools, such as Mastermind, Scholastica, Maple Leaf, and Marie Curie School, Birshreshtha Munshi Abdur Rouf Public College, and Dhaka City College are some of the best colleges in Bangladesh. Every year, many students from all over the country enroll in these colleges in the hope of a better education. Apart from that, you will also get access to University education in this locality, such as Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka International University, Shanto Mariam University Of Creative Technology, and many more. Alongside, many medical colleges are also situated in Dhanmondi like Popular Medical College, Bangladesh Medical College, Anwar Khan Medical College, Northern International Medical College, etc. In short, you can call Dhanmondi ‘An Educational Hub’ of Dhaka.

The famous nearby Dhanmondi Lake and the parks are major attractions and symbols of Dhanmondi. The Rabindra Sarobar is a cultural hub of Dhaka, every other day, you can get a sight of some kind of celebration in this place. There are many sports centers and fields you can find in this region like Dhanmondi Women’s Complex, Abahani Club Field, Lt. Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club, Kala Bagan Local Park, and many more. 

Let’s talk about the restaurants and shopping malls in Dhanmondi. Rapa Plaza, Shimanto Square, and many more renowned and local brand outlets offer you a huge variety of high-quality products and they are very popular in the locality. Besides, there are hundreds of restaurants present in this area The sheer quantity of restaurants and the variety of food will both confuse and thrill you. There are simply too many options to consider. You’ll see what I’m talking about if you go to Satmasjid Road or 27 No. Road.

So, to sum it up, the advantages of living in Dhanmondi are – 

  1. People from the upper-middle class can easily stay here.
  2. Food, movies, theaters, libraries, cultural groups, coffee shops, sports, and gyms are all together in one location.
  3. All of the finest hospitals are located here.
  4. Here you can find the best English medium schools in Dhaka city.
  5. Corporate offices of different organizations.
  6. Various shopping malls.
  7. There are both low-cost and high-cost apartments available here.

As Dhanmondi is offering so much convenience it will be a wise decision to buy an apartment there to live with your family. In fact, many real estate company offers excellent flats in Dhanmondi for sale because of its huge demand in the market.

Disadvantages of Living in Dhanmondi

Dhanmondi has lost its old glory as one of the elite places in Dhaka. Some of the notable reasons are –

  1. The security system in the area has decreased in the past years as the chance of being mugged has increased a lot.
  2. The roads are horrible in Dhanmondi as the traffic on the roads has increased drastically.
  3. The environment of the parks and lakes is not very much family-friendly as many illegal things take place in these parts.
  4. The area of morning walks is decreasing day by day as well as safety while walking is also questionable.
  5. The fields for children remain unused because of proper maintenance and security issues.

All in all, if security is restored in this area, it will surely get back its glorious past. In fact, many organizations are taking steps to bring back Dhanmondi’s glory. Despite these minor disturbances, Dhanmondi is still a very desirable and demandable place in Dhaka because of its perfect ambiance.

Lifestyle in Gulshan

Gulshan was developed in 1961 as a luxurious Dhaka residential area, as well as offices and embassies of diplomatic missions and houses. Many organizations and commercial structures have been established over the years. Gulshan is currently a mix of a beautiful residential region and a city center with shopping malls and commercial buildings. Indeed, it is the best upscale neighborhood in Dhaka, where the majority of the city’s elite lives. 

The area has seen an upsurge since the mid-1990s in the number of high-rise residential buildings, guest houses, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, health clinics, educational institutes, modern markets, and ice cream parlors that are open past midnight. Besides, the area of Banani and Baridhara is so close and connected to Gulshan that most people identify the three of these places as a single place. This part of Dhaka’s North is a very well-planned area and an ideal mixture of the residential and commercial regions. 

Right now, Gulshan-Banani holds the tag of the poshest area of Dhaka. Having a flat in Gulshan is identified as elegance and luxury. It is something that many strive for as they progress through their lives. That’s why the number of completed and ongoing lavish residential projects in Gulshan and Banani is huge and is increasing day by day. 

Advantages of Living in Gulshan

Gulshan is known for its affluent and magnificent residences. Niketan is a fantastic example of this. In terms of quality and design, there isn’t a flat in Niketan, or any section of Gulshan for that matter, that isn’t above standard. The architecture of these buildings is splendid as well as their interior. These beautiful buildings have affected people so much that it makes people want to be amongst those who are living in Gulshan.

Gulshan is the best place in Dhaka for a shopping addict, as it is full of great and popular shopping centers. The DCC markets, police plaza, the pink city, etc are some of the renowned shopping malls of Dhaka city. Added to that there are tons of outlets of famous brands in Gulshan that provide people with high-quality products.

Moreover, Gulshan is the most accessible area of Dhaka. The residents have full access to all parts of Gulshan 1-2, as well as the adjacent surroundings. Gulshan has its own Rickshaw service. As a result, life in Gulshan is extremely convenient. The Dhakar Chaka Bus service, which runs across the city, is also available. When it rains, it is also one of the few areas in Dhaka that does not flood. Furthermore, its excellent location allows people to rapidly go to both North and South Dhaka, as well as East Dhaka. This is one of the best places to live in Dhaka because of its excellent mobility. 

While Dhanmondi is considered the food heaven, there is one more place that is becoming a worthy competitor of it, which is Gulshan. The restaurants here serve different kinds of foods from different regions of the world like Indian, Mexican, Italian, and many more. The coffee shops in these areas are to die for. In short, this area is a carnival of delights.

For the residents of Gulshan, several beautiful parks were created to provide relief from city life. There are various parks scattered across Gulshan, from the edge of Gulshan 1 at Hatirjheel to the end of Gulshan North Avenue. These patches of nature are still available for locals to enjoy. One of the most well-known parks in Dhaka is Gulshan Lake Park, which is known for its beauty. To keep everything in order, all the parks in the neighborhood are maintained and monitored on a regular basis, boosting the quality of life in Gulshan.

Apart from these, many private organizations are opening their offices in Gulshan and Banani, especially the IT companies. Day by day, it is becoming the central spot for IT and Software companies. However, a large part of Gulshan is designated as the diplomatic zone of Dhaka where it hosts many embassies as well as foreign residents. 

All in all, the main points are –

  1. Gulshan is a perfect blend of residential and commercial usage.
  2. Solid Security.
  3. There are well-known food courts where you can hang out.
  4. Medical facilities that are up to date.
  5. Have the benefit of the diplomatic area.
  6. A drive away from Banani and Baridhara.

Because of these advantages, there are many flats for sale in Gulshan offered by many reputed real estate companies in Bangladesh.

Disadvantages of Gulshan

Apart from being costly, there are not so many disadvantages present in living in Gulshan. Yes, the usual traffic problems are also a part of it, same as most of the parts of Dhaka city. Another slightly inconvenient thing about Gulshan is there are always some construction work going on.  As a result, the sound of construction may disturb some residents. Other than that it is a very top-notch place to live. 

Gulshan has long been one of Dhaka’s most prominent neighborhoods. Furthermore, most of us consider purchasing an apartment in Gulshan as a major accomplishment because of its many advantages.

Dhanmondi vs Gulshan

As you have come to know about the advantages and disadvantages of both Dhanmondi and Gulshan sequentially, let’s compare them parallelly.





Less costly than Gulshan

Expensive than Dhanmondi


Affordable for both upper-middle-class and rich people

Only affordable for rich people


Security in the area is lower than in Gulshan 

Very uptight security in the area


The parks and lakes need to be reconstructed 

The parks and lakes are maintained regularly


There are more restaurants and convenient shops near houses

The number of restaurants and convenient shops is less than in Dhanmondi

Your Home, Your Choice

Both Dhanmondi and Gulshan offer you almost the same kind of facilities except Gulshan is more secure and well-maintained than Dhanmondi. But Dhanmondi also has the upper hand in affordability and convenience. If your office or business is in Banani or Gulshan, then it is ideal for you to live in the vicinity because we are all well aware of the traffic of Dhanmondi. The same goes for people who have businesses or educational institutes in Dhanmondi. They should consider residing in that area. However, if money is not an issue and you are settling down for a quiet, peaceful, and secure life with your family, then Gulshan can be an ideal place. Other than that, if social comforts and conveniences are the important matrices for your living standards, then Dhanmondi is the “go-to” place.

However, before buying property in Dhaka city, you should be prepared and well informed about some other important things.

In the end, it is definitely a subjective choice. It is your home where you want to reside with your family. So, if you are still confused about where to live between Dhanmondi and Gulshan, then grab a cup of tea, sit with your family, and make your choice after discussing these pros and cons with them. 


Which one is cheaper to live between Dhanmondi and Gulshan?

Ans: Dhanmondi is more affordable than Gulshan in terms of living.

How many sectors are there in Dhanmondi?

Ans: There is a total of seven sectors in Dhanmondi.

How many people live in Dhanmondi?

Ans: Dhanmondi is a residence for about 201,529 people.

How many sectors are there in Gulshan?

Ans: There is a total of ten sectors in Gulshan.

What is the population of Gulshan?

Ans: There are about 1,45,969 people residing in Gulshan.

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