Best Places to Live With Families in Dhaka, Bangladesh

“Dhaka”-The magical city of Bangladesh where dreams come true. As it is the capital of the country, the fascination around this city is not astonishing, but aside from that, this city has many things to offer for a better lifestyle. Despite some flaws, Dhaka has many advantages compared to the rest of the country. First of all, it is the administrative center of the whole country as most of the head offices of governmental and non-governmental institutions are situated here. The healthcare system, transportation system, and education facilities are top-notch here. Besides, the city’s food diversity is fantastic, and it is easy to obtain what you need at any moment in Dhaka. Almost everyone from each corner of the country needs to visit Dhaka at least once in a while for some necessities like healthcare, shopping, education, or official needs. Undoubtedly, Dhaka is the best place to live with families. 

However, there are many areas in Dhaka that have their own ups and downs. If we only focus on the two city corporations of Dhaka, which are South and North Dhaka City Corporation, there are 54 wards in North Dhaka City Corporation and 57 in South Dhaka City Corporation. Among them, there are some zones which are the best places to live with families. In this article, we will talk about 5 influential areas, which are the best residential zones to live in Dhaka with family and kids. 

Best Residential Area in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Gulshan – A Utopia

Gulshan is one of Dhaka’s affluent neighborhoods. The breathtaking splendor of this location will leave you speechless. The area’s opulence is enhanced by the exquisitely built homes, high-end restaurants, and retail establishments. Almost half of the land in this area is used for residential reasons.

The bulk of foreign embassies as well as a handful of exclusive members-only clubs are located in Dhaka’s Gulshan neighborhood. Gulshan actually started as a solely residential area but has now expanded to include both residential and commercial properties. This area is also known for its high-end stores, marketplaces, and bazaars. Gulshan is home to about 25 mosques as well as various Christian churches and missions.

This is a suitable location for foreign dignitaries traveling into Bangladesh due to the large number of foreign embassies. The unique, premium houses and flats in the Gulshan precinct are excellent for residents who enjoy comfortable and commodious living facilities and entertainment. Many of the luxury residences are constructed on large parcels of land with magnificent views of the sparkling city.

Many reputed and high-ranking real estate companies have built many magnificent and lavish apartments in Gulshan with great facilities like a private party lounge, a fully equipped gym, huge landscaped gardens, a state-of-the-art fire fighting system, and many more. You will surely love the experience of living with your family in Gulshan.

Baridhara – An Opulent Manor

Source: Concord Tribhuban, Baridhara

The Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is the perfect area for making your home’s destination. Baridhara is the ideal location when it comes to connection, accessible facilities, elegance, safety, and significance.

On the Gulshan-Baridhara Lake, Baridhara is an upmarket area of residential residences located near Gulshan. Many residential houses include three or four bedrooms and enough living space, which is ideal for families.

United Hospital and the American International School of Dhaka, which is the equivalent of a college prep school in the United States, are both located here. The Lake of Baridhara is an ideal place to get away from the routine of everyday life. The US Embassy, Canada’s High Commission, Japan’s Embassy, and others are all located here, making it a highly desired and luxurious location.

If you are looking for a living place where your kids can go for international standard education, and your family can live an exquisite life, then Baridhara can be your ultimate destination. Concord Real Estate has many luxury flat for sale in baridhara diplomatic zone with high-class facilities like automation homes, south-facing apartments with great light and ventilation, grand entry with high ceilings, and many more. We can help you to find your residence in Baridhara.

Dhanmondi – An Astounding Zone

Source: Concord Tarulata, Dhanmondi

Once upon a time, there was a popular belief that only the wealthy would reside in Dhanmondi. But as time passed, Dhanmondi has also evolved dramatically. It is not only limited to rich people. Now, many upper-middle-class people also have made Dhanmondi their home. 

This area has developed around the picturesque ‘Dhanmondi Lake’ and is one of Dhaka’s most prosperous areas. Since the 1950s, it has been continuously growing. It all started off as a two-story residential neighborhood. However, in recent years, there has been a lot of real estate development, and Dhanmondi has grown increasingly commercial.

Dhanmondi is noted for its numerous private educational institutions, retail malls, restaurants, and other amenities. One of the most eye-catching things about Dhanmondi is its restaurants. You can not plan a hang-out for good food without thinking about Dhanmondi. 

Dhanmondi features enticing residences and buildings with some old and antique houses, which can easily be certified as the best residential area in Dhaka. Concord Real Estate offers many striking apartments and flats for sale in Dhanmondi, which can be your future destination.

Banani – Home Near Your Atelier

Source: Concord Rafat Kamar Banani

Banani is a hidden gem on the outskirts of Gulshan around Banani Lake. It also has high-end homes, shopping complexes, and hotels. The alluring point of this area is most of the corporate offices of recent times are situated in this area. So, if your office is in Banani, it can be a pretty amazing place to live with your family. 

This place is still one of the wealthiest areas, thanks to the cultural history and abundance connected with it. It can be a convenient place to live because this area is at the linking point of Gulshan and Baridhara. Besides, many restaurants and reading cafes are in Banani, along with reputed International Schools and Colleges.

Banani is a perfect example where both residential and commercial buildings are situated in harmony. Prestigious real estate agents have developed many apartments in Banani for living purposes. This place is one of the best residential zones to live in Dhaka.

Khilkhet – A Blissful Place

Source: Concord Shapla, Khilkhet

Khilkhet is one of the most pleasant locations to live, having been utilized as a residential area for many years. It is a highly cost-effective area to live with your family and kids.

This place is surrounded by many exquisite areas like Nikunju and Bashundhara R/A. Besides, this zone is home to a large number of schools and colleges, as well as private universities such as American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and opulent hotels such as Le Méridien Dhaka. 

In Khilkhet, there are numerous real estate buildings and structures that may easily be ideal for families and kids.

Shayamoli – An Arcadia

Source: Concord Chowdhury villa, Shyamoli

Shayamoli is one of Dhaka’s oldest neighborhoods, known for its easily accessible transportation system and foodcourts. It is a very affordable place to live with great facilities.

Shayamoli is the home of many renewed governmental hospitals like Shishu Hospital, Pongu Hospital, National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, and many more. Besides, Shishu Mela, Liberation War Museum, and many delicious and affordable food courts are located in this area. 

Shayamoli is in great demand among real estate companies since it provides easy access to numerous regions. In Shayamali, several developers have already built well-furnished and stunning buildings where you can live with your family and kids.


Dhaka is one of the most desired cities to live in with families for many people. As there is a total of 111 areas in this metropolitan city, we have tried to give you a glimpse of the best 6 places in Dhaka. These places offer you a good education, the best hospitals, famous offices, great communications, and many more. To live with families, you must select a secure and safe place among many alternatives. In case of security and safety, you can easily trust Concord Real Estate as it is the most trustworthy and elegant developer company in Bangladesh. We offer you the best living facilities like rooftops with landscaped gardens and mood lighting, home automation, full power backup generator, state-of-the-art fire fighting system, and many more. Living with your family in the best residential area with so many advantages can be a blessing for many.


Is Dhaka a good place to live?

Ans: Dhaka represents ideal living conditions, which makes it a perfect place to live. 

What is the best place to live in Dhaka?

Ans: Places like Gulshan, Baridhara, Banani, etc are some of the best places to live in Dhaka.

Where do foreigners live in Dhaka?

Ans: Foreigners usually live in Gulshan as most of the foreign embassy is situated in this area.

Why should I live in Dhaka?

Ans: Because Dhaka is the center of all good facilities like education, hospital, new technology, and easy transportation.

What are the pull factors of Dhaka?

Ans: Better job opportunities, better education and better healthcare are some of the main pull factors of Dhaka. and

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