Benefits of Buying Flats in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone

Baridhara is one of the unique residential areas of Dhaka city as it is situated right in between Gulshan 2 and Bashundhara R/A- two prominent parts of the city. Such an exclusive location has made Baridhara one of the most desired places to buy properties. Baridhara is separated into two parts. One side of the Baridhara is called the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, and the other side is known as the Baridhara J Block. The Diplomatic Zone is on the western side of the Notun Bazar, and the J block is on the Eastern part. While both parts of the diplomatic zone offer plenty of residential spaces, the Diplomatic Zone is considered a premium location, and the flats in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone are mostly occupied by families of foreigners and extremely successful business people. When it comes to buying a property in Dhaka city, Despite the high prices, the flats in Baridhara are always in demand, and most people dream of buying their permanent home in that location. Here’s a guide to exclusive features that the flat buyers of Baridhara Diplomatic Zone can enjoy:


Safety is a major concern for the people who are living in Dhaka. In recent years, few parts of Dhaka city have witnessed an increase in crime rates. However, the residents of the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone do not need to worry about their safety as the place is one of the most secure parts of the city. The government has added extra security measures in this location as it is occupied by some of the most influential people of the country. Law enforcement officials regularly patrol the entire zone. The whole area is under CCTV surveillance. The Vatara Police Station is just around the corner in Baridhara J Block. There are numerous checkpoints on each road. Any suspicious movement or activities can be traced instantly, and law enforcement officials will act. There are high walls surrounding the whole Diplomatic Zone, separating the area from its adjacent areas. Moreover, there is a fire station right at the edge of the Diplomatic Zone, and it is always on its toes to tackle any unfortunate incidents in the shortest period of time. These extreme security measures make flats in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone one of the most secure places to live in the city. 


Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is one of the most serene locations in Dhaka city. Most parts of Dhaka city are suffering from extreme noise pollution. The noise of horns from vehicles and the noise from machinery in adjacent factories are making the lives of people unbearable. In addition to that, a great number of people are suffering from various diseases which have been caused by noise pollution. But, the residents of Baridhara Diplomatic Zone enjoy a calm environment around them. Vehicles are barred from unnecessarily hitting their horns. As this is an exclusive residential area, there are no factories or other facilities which can create any noise. The entire area remains very calm during the entire day. Another issue for flat owners in Dhaka is dust pollution. As there are very few trees and roads are not well built, dust flies inside the apartment all day long. The dust issue not only makes the apartment dirty but also causes serious health issues. But if you buy a flat in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone, dust will no longer be an issue. The roads in the Baridhara are very well built and cleaned each morning to reduce dirt. In addition, there are plenty of trees in the area to keep the air fresh. 

Perks and Recreation Centers

One of the common mistakes that flat buyers make is that they do not care about the open areas in their residential areas. The city of Dhaka has become so dense that there is hardly any open space for parks and recreation centers.  There are buildings everywhere and hardly any space for people to take a morning run or evening walk. The kids suffer the most as they do not get any open space to play. They are confined in their own home. Eventually, these kids turn to digital screens of mobile phones or television. It hurts their social skill and hampers their mental development. However, the Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is different from the rest of the city. This exclusive residential area has been built to provide all the necessary perks and recreation amenities for the residents. There are several large parks in the Diplomatic Zone. The parks are full of greeneries. There are large open green fields that are surrounded by large trees. There is a nicely built road around the parks for people to walk around. There are benches to take a rest. The residents of Baridhara can enjoy their morning run or evening walk in those parks in peace. In addition, the parks are kid-friendly. There are playgrounds built within these parks where kids can play and make new friends. 

School & Hospitals

Any good residential area requires quality educational centers and hospitals. As Baridhara is one of the most premium areas of the city, it certainly offers top-quality educational institutions in its vicinity. There are educational institutions for both Bangla and English Medium students. Cambrian School and College are situated right at the edge of J Block. There are American International School, Japanese School Dhaka, and a few other educational institutes that follow the international educational curriculum. For higher studies, there is The British School of Law. This is one of the most prestigious law schools in the country. 

Hospital is another key institute of any residential area. Every well-maintained residential area features a top-quality hospital. Baridhara also has one of the country’s finest hospitals, the United Hospital. The United Hospital is situated on the other side of the Gulshan Lake, at a few minutes distance from the Diplomatic Zone. The United Hospital is equipped with the country’s best doctors and all the technology of the modern health industry. 

Convenient Location

Despite being a residential area, Baridhara is in close proximity to all the key roads to travel to any of the parts of the city easily. One of the country’s most vibrant economic zones, Gulshan 2, is within walking distance of Baridhara. The Gulshan Lake is nearby at a few minute’s distance as well. The Pragati Sharani is adjacent to the Diplomatic zone. Through Pragati Sharani, one can reach any part of the city easily. 

Prestigious and Communal Society

Owing flats in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone is considered to be a prestigious feat. As the residential area is mostly occupied by diplomats, business people, and high-class society members, being a part of that society adds a few extra bars to one’s success story. Hence, many people dream of owning a flat in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone. 

A sustainable, healthy future of any residential area is determined by its societal organizations. The Baridhara Diplomatic Zone has its own organization called Baridhara Society. If you are thinking of buying a flat in Baridhara, you must become a member of the Baridhara Society. The members of Baridhara Society hold regular meetings and decide upon measures to keep the society healthy and beneficial for all residents. If any members raise any issue, the members of the society try to reach a solution to the problem amicably. 


Flats in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone are extremely expensive. However, the residents of this area enjoy a few of the most exclusive features that the residents of the other parts of the nation cannot. If you are thinking of buying flats in Baridhara, you may spend double the price. But the serene location, extremely secure surroundings, and ample perks will justify your expense.


Are the flats in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone exclusive for a certain group of people?

Ans: No, the flats are not exclusive. They are available for all. 

How can I buy a flat at a reasonable price in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone?

Ans: Concord Real Estate offers the most reasonable price if you are willing to buy a flat in Baridhara Diplomatic Zone. 

Are the parks in Baridhara open to all?

Ans: The parks in Baridhara are open to all its residents. 

Which developer offers the most modern features in flats in Baridhara?

Ans: Concord Real Estate develops flats that are equipped with the most modern housing technologies. 

Can I buy a flat in Baridhara with a loan?

Ans: Yes, you can. Most banks in Bangladesh will offer you a home loan based on your annual income and credit score.


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