Why Consider Children’s Needs While Buying Your Dream Home in Dhaka?

With so many housing options in Dhaka, you will learn that finding the appropriate home for your family in the city of magic is not as simple. People fantasize about owning the perfect home and spend years arranging its acquisition, scouring the market for suitable properties, and rewriting their wish lists several times. Dhaka offers some of the best places to live with families. If you have ever bought a property, you are probably aware of the usual difficulty that arises throughout the process, especially if you have children or want to start a family.

Buying a house for your family is a difficult endeavor. Still, it is also an exciting and life-changing experience as you make several critical decisions for this new chapter of your life. Just as you must prepare before establishing a family, you must also consider your children’s comfort, safety, and happiness while purchasing a home. With so many possibilities for flats to buy in Dhaka, many homebuyers in the city are perplexed.

You may have always imagined a future in Dhaka with ready-to-move flats with a large kitchen for a family gathering or a bedroom with bunk beds for your children. This is part of the purchase process, so let’s get into the nuts and bolts of finding the ideal home for your family, especially your children, in Dhaka


Understand the Needs of Kids

When you decide to expand your family, your requirements for an ideal house shift, even the 1000-square-foot flat in Dhaka’s affluent neighborhood, which earlier appeared like the ideal home for your spouse, now appears small and inadequate for the demands of children. Consequently, homebuyers with children seek ways to sell their present property, mostly because they have outgrown their smaller area.

When you have children, your life and your home change, and most parents picture their ideal house as being similar to how they spent their youth. You will thus need to make key decisions like locating a home closer to schools, selecting a house with a backyard to play in, or finding a property in your childhood neighborhood or a residential community with CCTV surveillance and super-tight gate security. Priorities are subjective, but because house and family go hand in hand, your decisions must be in sync with the demands of your children.

Include Your Kids in Home Hunting 

When looking for a house with children, you may avoid including them until you have reduced it down to your top options. Begin your search online, view the house without your children first, and bring your children along only if the house is a candidate. Children nowadays have extremely distinct and expressive preferences. They are likely to want to be considered in the process of purchasing and establishing a house as well. Aside from making them feel included, it is also crucial to understand your children’s requirements to be comfortable in their new homes. After all, one cannot purchase and sell homes as commodities if they do not fit the family.

While leaving your children at home on the initial tour helps to avoid distractions, you don’t want to exclude them totally from the process. In fact, integrating your children into the house-hunting process is critical to making the transition more joyful. Taking your children to revisit your interesting properties may be a nice experience with a little forward planning.

If you’re visiting homes with a real estate agent, consider driving your own car because it will be equipped with car seats and child-related items. That way, you will not have to transfer all of your belongings into a separate vehicle. On the topic of real estate agents, make sure you select the best real estate agent to buy your dream home in Dhaka. Finally, if time allows, try to limit your home visits to one or two properties at a time, so your youngster does not become bored or overwhelmed by the procedure. Also, plan excursions at times when your kid will be more awake and joyful – not right before or during nap time.

By bringing your child along to view potential houses, you will not only help prepare them for the big move, but you will also gain some unique insights. Although you will have the last say in deciding where your family will live, your youngster may notice things that you do not. The house should be one that you both enjoy. If you all like the house, go out to neighborhood stores or restaurants to get a better sense of what your everyday life might be like in the community. This can also aid with the transition of relocating.

Consider Home Size and Layout

If you already have children or intend to have more, a larger house may be better. For example, you may value lots of storage space for your children’s toys or sports equipment and a separate playroom where the kids may be noisy while you enjoy relative peace elsewhere in the house. If you wish to raise your children in the house or expand your family, you must consider if the house is large enough to handle future demands.

Another thing to think about is the floor plan. It should be appropriate for your family’s lifestyle. If you want to sleep near your newborn, make sure your bedroom is on the same floor as your child’s.

The size of the kitchen and dining area, the number of bedrooms, and the number of bathrooms are all important considerations. Is there enough space in the kitchen and eating room for everyone? Would you have enough room to host extended family? While the number of bedrooms is obviously significant, the number of bathrooms is also equally vital. Many youngsters may object to sharing restrooms or decide that they do not want to use a bathroom with a couple of teenagers.

Consider Affordability 

One of the most significant considerations when purchasing a home in Dhaka is cost and budget. You should look at ‘how much you can afford as well as the pricing of flats in Dhaka. Your monthly budget grows with each square foot, as do your property taxes. You should use caution when determining your pricing range based on your income. If you purchase a home prior to having children, you should consider whether both parents will continue to have a fixed salary and appropriately set a price range.

Remember to keep your choices open during the process, and imagine yourself living in that area with your children in the future. Looking through catalogues for homes within a specific price range expands market alternatives. You may seek apartments in Dhaka with child-friendly amenities, or you could focus your search on elegant flats in Dhaka that provide a lifestyle boost.

Timing is Important 

When purchasing a home, consider if you want to move in before having children, during your pregnancy, or after your child is born. Moving may be exhausting, so consider the physical effort of relocating as well as the obstacles that come with it when you have children. Pregnant women may find it difficult to assist with physical duties.

There is no right or wrong time to buy a house since it all depends on making the best decision for your family and selecting the most suitable property for your family’s needs.

Prioritize Proximity to Day-care

As parents, you understand education’s critical role throughout a child’s formative years. Dhaka is one of the most favored metro cities for quality education, providing access to some of Bangladesh’s best institutions. Buying a home near a school is a vital decision to make if you want the greatest educational institution for your children.

With a rising number of nuclear families and working parents, accessibility to a crèche or daycare center has become a significant consideration when purchasing a home in Dhaka. It is also critical to select a crèche that has been police confirmed, has competent and qualified personnel, and offers additional security services. Day-care centers associated with schools or elements of a school network are often more trustworthy and have better infrastructure. With Dhaka being one of the fastest-growing cities in Bangladesh, the city’s population of full-time working professionals is expanding. Dhaka now has an abundance of childcare centers. This should make your decision to purchase flats in Dhaka easy. Suppose you fail to investigate the possibilities for the finest available childcare facilities in your area. In that case, you may wind up wasting a significant amount of time driving between dropping and collecting up your children from a distant day-care center. So, before purchasing a property in Dhaka, be sure to look into reputable crèche choices. 

Consider Proximity to School

In most circumstances, purchasing a home is a family choice. Buyers must evaluate the requirements of current and future family members. If the household has children, it is critical that decent schools are close to the flat. Otherwise, the family’s young child will have a difficult time getting to school.

You want to spend as much time as possible with your children as a parent. Keeping this in mind, attempt to select a home that is close to your workplace so that you may save time commuting. Furthermore, thanks to Covid, the work-from-home culture is quickly taking on, and many businesses have accepted remote working as a flexible choice. In light of these changes, you may wish to seek homes inside your community gates that have work lounges or communal working areas; this will help you maintain a balanced work life.

Look for Kid-Friendly Amenities

You can develop a wish list of kid-friendly characteristics while looking for houses in Dhaka to move into with your children. While some people may choose a property near parks and playgrounds, others may prefer a house near a hospital or a day-care facility.

One of the most typical mistakes that apartment purchasers make is failing to consider the open spaces in their residential communities. Dhaka has grown so densely populated that there is little open area for parks and recreation facilities. There are buildings everywhere, and there isn’t much room for folks to go for a morning run or an evening walk. The children suffer the most since there is no open area for them to play. They are imprisoned in their own house. These children eventually resort to digital screens such as mobile phones or television. It has a negative impact on their social skills and hinders their mental growth. 

In general, having a kid-friendly house in a safe community with built-in child-friendly construction is essential. Some of these features include ample storage for your children’s toys, strollers, bicycles, clothes, and so on. Parents who want to buy a duplex house in Dhaka or a luxurious independent house in Dhaka may have to gate the stairs and avoid properties with open staircases. It’s also a good idea to seek a Dhaka apartment with a tall balcony grill. When buying houses in Dhaka for your family, you should also select a calm and less polluted neighborhood so that it does not interfere with your children’s academics or other activities.

Think About the Future

When you purchase a property, you put a lot on the line, and many couples do not want to make any compromises in order to get the house of their dreams. When you buy a house to live in with your children, your dream grows larger, and your happiness multiplies. You want to go to any length to ensure their comfort and safety.

If you have small children, you understand better than anybody that they grow up rapidly. Your child will most likely spend his or her formative years in the home you select. Wouldn’t you want your child to grow up in a safe and healthy environment? For example, if the house you’re looking at is on a busy street and your child finds it too noisy, you should rethink.

Unless you have alternative intentions for your property, the house will be passed down to your children once you have departed. Given this, the house should either be one that your children desire to keep or one that will bring them appropriate profits if they decide to sell it.

All the top real estate companies in Bangladesh operate in Dhaka. If you have a large budget, Banani, Gulshan, Bashundhara R/A, and Dhanmondi are some of Dhaka’s most popular posh residential areas. If you own a home in one of these areas, you will be fascinated by the flats safely imprisoned behind high compound walls, and you will have a wide range of alternatives to pick from, including luxury houses and independent houses in Dhaka. The most renowned luxury residential zones in Dhaka are Gulshan and Banani. It is unquestionably an excellent and secure residential environment in which to raise your children. Bashundhara, for example, has the greatest educational alternatives, while the parks in Banani are among the nicest in the city. There are also a number of hospitals in the neighborhood.

Baridhara Diplomatic Zone offers its own set of benefits. Quality educational facilities and hospitals are required in an excellent residential neighborhood. As one of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, Baridhara is surrounded by high-quality educational institutions. Both Bangla and English medium students can attend educational institutes. Cambrian School and College are located on the outskirts of J Block. There are several educational institutes that follow the foreign educational curriculum, including American International School, Japanese School Dhaka, and a few more. The British School of Law offers advanced education. This is one of the country’s most prominent law schools.

Banani, on the other hand, is in the cantonment area and has a few excellent schools for both boys and girls. The neighborhood is well-served by local trains, taxis, buses, and the metro rail. There are parks and lakes nearby, and a large number of families have begun to settle here. Dhanmondi is also a popular choice for parents to buy a home. In a few ways, Dhanmondi is a better place to live than Gulshan. The famous Dhanmondi park and the lake are nearby. Top-quality schools are situated surrounding the area as well. There is an ongoing sale for the best flats in Dhanmondi. 


Although assessing the security profile of the area is vital when buying a property as-is, it is more critical when you have children. Needless to say, your children will spend a lot of time on the common grounds of the housing complex, enjoying services such as the gym and clubhouse, as well as roaming around in the gardens and play areas. Prioritize kid-friendly residential neighborhoods that house families like yours when shortlisting houses in Dhaka. This strategy will ensure that your children enjoy a well-rounded childhood in the future.


Buying a property in Dhaka is a daunting task. There is a large set of things you should know before purchasing a new home. Homeowners carefully analyze things such as property paperwork, the building design, and home financing alternatives, but few consider how happy their child will be in the new home. This should not be happening. To provide your children with the childhood they desire, to establish a healthy atmosphere for their growth, and to allow for the well-rounded development of their personality, it is vital to carefully select your house.

A gaming arcade, swimming pools, parks, gardens, and community centers are all features of modern complexes. These are excellent venues for your youngster to make new friends. Children’s businesses in the neighborhood that specialize in children’s toys, clothes, or books are another area to discover local youngsters. Also, look for events and pleasant activities within the complex or outside where your child may meet and mix with other children. Children learn about new locations and people at their own rate, so allow them room and time to adjust.


Why is having a home vital for a child?

Ans: Homes are essential to children because they give the sense of belonging that children require in order to form strong bonds with their family members.

How does housing affect a child’s development?

Ans: Anxiety and sadness have also been related to overcrowding and poor living conditions. Children’s capacity to learn at school and study at home is hampered by poor housing.

What is the impact of poor-quality housing on children?

Ans: Poor-quality housing, according to researchers, can cause stress for parents, exacerbate their own mental health issues, and impair their capacity to control family activities.

What is the relationship between housing and child safety?

Ans: According to research, children from low-income homes are more likely to engage in criminal activity than children from stable families.

What is the relationship between health and housing?

Ans: Children with unmet housing requirements are more likely to be socioeconomically disadvantaged, have higher mortality rates, poor health, and have major chronic conditions.


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